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Made to Order

Made to Order Kanji on Canvas

Having an individually hand brushed Japanese Kanji on canvas expressing your own concept inspires you and your guests. Whether you want to display a word of wisdom, a concept, or just a name, an individually very personal Japanese calligraphy can be a unique and meaningful addition to your home or office.

Miho will apply a customised character on canvas to help materialise your concept or idea in a profound way. With special ink, she is able to write smoothly on 3cm thickness triple primed canvas which is then sprayed with clear lacquer.  They are available in 3 sizes on rectangular canvas.

Available in 3 sizes:

20 x 25cm ($95)
30 x 45cm ($155)
40 x 50cm

Made to Order Kanji in frame

Each Kanji has a standard form, but also allows for variations and personal styles. Therefore, each piece of Shodo is unique and reflects the personality and mood of the calligrapher. Shodo is a highly respected art form and it embodies the aesthetic values and cultural traditions of Japan.

ebisu design hand brush your individual chosen word in Japanese Hiragana or Kanji characters. These are then mounted in a wooden frame in either satin black or natural wood finish.

Available in two sizes and can be mounted on the wall or stand.

23 x 28 x 3cm ($125)
27 x 35 x 2cm

Made to Order on board (Shikishi)

Shikishi calligraphy is a form of Japanese art that involves writing or painting on a small white board. Shikishi boards are often used for gifts, decorations, or expressions of gratitude or appreciation. The art and process behind the creation of Shikishi calligraphy requires skill, patience, and creativity.

Shikishi calligraphy is unique and can be appreciated for its beauty, simplicity, and elegance. It reflects the personality and emotion of the artist, as well as the culture and tradition of Japan. It also conveys a message or a sentiment to the viewer or the recipient of the Shikishi. Shikishi calligraphy can be enjoyed as a form of art, a hobby, or a gift that expresses one's feelings and thoughts.

Available in two sizes, with and without stand:

18 x 21cm ($75)
24 x 27cm

18 x 21cm w/stand ($90)

24 x 27cm w/stand ($140)

Made to Order Hanging Scrolls (Kakejiku)

Kakejiku is a type of Japanese art that involves hanging scrolls of paintings or calligraphy. These scrolls are made of silk & paper and they can be rolled up for storage. Kakejiku can also be changed according to the season or occasion to create different moods and atmospheres. Kakejiku is a way of expressing the Japanese aesthetic sense and culture through art.


We bond your phrase or word onto a fully imported high-quality silk fabric edged scroll. They are available in 3 types with a choice of 4 colours of silk surround. These scrolls are a beautiful compliment to any home.


Short - 54 x 117cm, writing space 41 x 36cm ($390)
Medium - 54 x 184cm, writing space 41 x 103cm ($480)
Long - 44 x 190cm, writing space 33 x 135cm ($480)

Colours available:

Blue, Brown, Green or Grey

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