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Have your own choice of Japanese word or phrase hand brushed on a traditional Japanese Kakejiku.


Kakejiku is the art of Japanese hanging scrolls, which are paintings or Japanese calligraphy mounted on silk fabric. Kakejiku reflects the Japanese aesthetic sense of harmony, respect, and appreciation for nature and time.  Each Kakejiku is a unique work of art that expresses the skill and spirit of the artist.


Please insert the word below in the box and Miho will create it in Japanese Kanji with traditional Sumi ink with Miho's red seal. If you don't know Japanese, don’t worry, send an English word, and Miho can translate it for you.


Available in three sizes:

Short – 54 x 117cm (Writing space 41 x 36cm)
Medium –  54 x 184cm (Writing space 41 x 103cm)
Long – 44 x 190cm (Writing space 33 x 135cm)

Made to Order Scroll (Kakejiku)


Estimated shipping times
Victoria 5-10 business days
Other state 10 business days

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