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japanese calligraphy tattoo design

Looking for a Japanese kanji tattoo design?

Ink is forever, so it’s important to get something to be proud of collaborating with an artist who understands Japanese language as well as a long history of Japanese culture is the key to getting the perfect Kanji character tattoo design. There are an unlimited number of fonts and writing styles to express the true meaning and add authenticity to the rest of your original horimono design. Miho works with you on the translation, font, and layout via e-mail and alter as needed to create a unique Kanji tattoo design that is just right for you.

Your tattoo design is scanned at a high resolution in digital format to ensure the capture of every detail in the artwork. Because calligraphy is a hand-made piece of art, no two calligraphies are ever the same even with the same Kanji character. Consequently, this results in a piece of art that is one of a kind.

Contact Miho for more information.


Original brushed design ... "Storm Dancer"
Tattoed on his leg ... "Storm Dancer"
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