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Art of ink and brush

japanese hanging scrolls

Japanese scrolls called “kakejiku” is true art of traditional Japanese calligraphy. We import our high-quality silk fabric edged scrolls directly from the maker in Kanazawa, Japan and we can offer different size and colour to suit your space.

It is traditionally displayed in the “tokonoma” alcove of a room, which is especially designed to exhibit prized objects. It can also be displayed in the most important room of the house, where a Sado tea ceremony, or other traditional activities are performed. The kakejiku is also often hung in martial arts rooms called “dojo” (training rooms). Near the kakejiku, there are often other Okimono, such as Katana swords, Ningyo dolls, bonsai, or Ikebana flower arrangements.

short  - 54 x 117cm (Writing space 41 x 36cm / Up to two kanji characters only )

medium  - 54 x 184cm (Writing space 41 x 103cm)

long - 44 x 190cm (Writing space 33 x 135cm)  

*choice of colour surrounding -  Green/Blue/Grey/Brown

Short Kakejiku hanging scroll with grey surrounding

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