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Art of ink and brush

Miho Araki, an artist of extraordinary talent with an expertise in Shodo brings new life to the traditional Japanese art form. Shodo is a form of artistic writing and is a Zen art, and to write with mastery, one must clear the mind and let the brush flow effortlessly.

The calligrapher has only one chance to create with a singular, fluid stroke of the brush. Miho taught herself this unique, abstract and stylish way.  By not belonging  to any society’s nor groups, Miho is able to create freely, and express her brush art without boundaries. 

Miho offers her own messages that tap into everyday life. She likes to include a meaning that you can relate to, interpreted through the thick black strokes on large white canvases. Miho’s artworks are ready to enhance any living room wall.

The artist performs live demonstrations on stage using large panels or paper. She is also available for groups to provide smaller individualised pieces such as writing peoples names in Hiragana and other commissioned art works, all finished with her traditional red seal.

Enjoy the movement of her brush strokes as she conjures the energy of the moment.


Miho Araki                                                                                                                                                                               


Every calligraphy is unique. No two calligraphies are ever the same. Miho may have brushed the character many times before, but rest assured that she will be brushing a brand new version that will be unique for you.

Miho's hand brush design for commercial use is offered in digital format to clients who need a Japanese calligraphy design for company logos, graphic designs, or other business needs.

During this process, she will create several design sample versions for you to review. After the first round of selections, she will continue the review process for up to three further revisions before the final calligraphy design is selected. Once the client picks the final design, the estimated time of completion is expected to be 1-2 weeks.

The finalized calligraphy artwork is delivered as a digital file via Dropbox for you to download.

If the client desires the original artwork along with the digital one, additional cost may apply.

Contact Miho for more information

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